Five Bases of Power for MGT Class

Dear writer, please read the instructions carefully prior in writing the essay.This is a group assignment. I have been assigned to take few parts to complete this essay which will be mentioned at the content section below. Please write the essay in a power point presentation format (please check one of my member’s work in the attached file).For reference, it would be best if you can use some information from “Organizational Behavior: A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach” by Kinicki, A.Purpose of Assignment:This assignment requires students to examine five bases of power and present it to the class.Content:Please note that for 1) and 2), you only have to describe and provide information just on the “Referent!” Please skip Legitimate, Expert, Coercive, and Reward!)1) A description of each (Legitimate, Expert, Referent, Coercive, and Reward)2) An example of each as used in the workplace3) An evaluation of which are the most and least desirable4) Ways to increase positive power bases5) Conclusion