Focus on how people are taking action to challenge or lessen the impacts of social inequity.

ATH/BWS/WGS 325 Identity: Race, Class, GenderFinal Paper PromptOur text is divided into five sections:Concepts, History, TheoryThe articles in this section serve as introductory overviews to the concepts, history and theories of studying race, class and gender.Identities MatterThe articles in this section focus on the micro level of identity. They question how our identities are influenced by the social categories of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, and social class. This section is further divided in to sub-sections titled identity formation, identity and social interaction and identity construction and stigma management.Social InstitutionsThe articles in this section focuses on the macro level of society by investigating social institutions. The social institutions discussed include family, education, employment and the economy, health care and medicine, media, politics and government.Power and PrivilegeThe articles in this section emphasize the institutional and systemic levels of discrimination.Empowerment and Social ChangeThe readings in this section focus on how people are taking action to challenge or lessen the impacts of social inequity.Your task, for the final paper, is to write an article for the textbook that would fit into one of these sections and/or sub-sections. In selecting your paper topic from the themes listed above, you are expected to demonstrate an understanding of and familiarity with the key issues we have discussed in class. Most importantly, I want your paper to ask an important question and make an argument concerning that question.Paper GuidelinesThe paper should follow these formatting guidelines:Double spacedTimes New Roman12pt Font1 inch marginsBibliography in Chicago or MLA styleYour paper proposal (due Thursday, April 13th) must describe, in at least 500 words, your paper topic as well as which section your paper should be placed. You must also include at least 3 academic sources as proof of preliminary research.The final paper must include at least 6 academic sources from outside the course depending on where your article fits into the text you might need more sources than this. For example, if you are writing a history or theory article you might need quite a bit more than 6 sources. Although you may cite articles from the textbook they will not count toward your sources for the paper.The final paper must be 8-10 pages in length.