Food justice

answer one of the following questions for each week, in a well-composed, typed, one-page essay. Do not exceed the one-page limit. Be sure to write your responses clearly in terms of grammar and structure. Your essay may be single or double-spaced, but you must use a 12-point font and one-inch margins. Write each essay as if you are explaining the ideas to someone who has never heard of them before. Try to use important concepts and draw upon specific data as discussed in your readings and in class. Be sure to cite page numbers if you use quotes.Week 11: Reinventing Farming1. Briefly discuss how three different groups have “reinvented farming” according to Gottlieb and Joshi.Week 12: Forging New Food Routes1. Briefly discuss how three different groups have forged new food routes according to Gottlieb and Joshi.Week 13: “Organic” Food1. Compare what was originally meant by organic to what organic means today. What was lost?Week 14: A New Food Politics1. Based on this week’s readings, what do you think are the most promising food justice ventures? In other words, how should we prioritize food justice concerns and practices for the future?Each question will be worth 10 points, based on the following rubric:9-10 An engaging, well-conceived, accurate and well-written response.8 The response is missing some of the key ideas and the writing may need improvement.7 The response contains some inaccuracies. More time needed to be taken to prepare an adequate response.6 The response has little to do with the readings from the course, and is not well composed.5 and below The response has nothing to do with the ideas presented in class and the readings.Note that one point will be subtracted for each additional page added to an essay.make sure each question get one page .