Food Tourism

1. Do food trend influence dining decisions in London ?
2. Perception towards street food amongst Tourist in London?
3. How to use social media to improve the negative image of street food?
4. Promoting London as the ultimate food Capital
5. Which Demographic Variable has the most impact on food trends?

this was her response :

I see most potential in 1 and 2 while 5 could be developed as part of a study on food consumption among tourists in London (however, that would no longer focus on street food). Social media could for sure be part of your research – i.e. how food experiences are being promoted and shared via social media.

You might also want to think about expanding your notion of consumers – it\’s not just tourists in the traditional sense who participate in food experiences but a range of \”city users\” (e.g. temporary residents such as yourself).

see what empirical research in journal articles is out there around food tourism (based on perspective – supply/demand, based on food environments – food markets, food tours, restaurants etc.). You might find inspiration, i.e. research conducted elsewhere that you can design in similar ways here in London. For example, researching tourist experiences in food markets somewhere in Singapore or Thailand can be adapted to a London context.

I am also open for suggestions ,, but please do inform me before going forward