Football drills

Practice Session
prepare a 30 minute practice in which the class will participate. Administer a well planned practice session
and is expected to support, encourage, and provide immediate and specific
feedback to students to promote student achievement. It will be evaluated if you designed proficient professional goals to strengthen the effectiveness of instruction based on students needs by critically evaluating their performance
and reflecting back on their implementation of the planned practice session. A
practice outline must be created with a reflection attached which has the
candidate identify areas to improve and areas of strength which emerged during
the practice implementation. The activity is one that you selected which is football drills
Practice Plan Requirements
1. Date, time, and length of practice
2. Objective of the practice (Age appropriate)
3. Equipment needed
4. Warm-up
5. Review/Teaching and practice of old/new skills
6. Coachs comments (Closure)
7. Evaluation of practice (REFLECTION-COMPLETED AFTER