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600 word maximum not including visuals analyzing TATA Motors Jaguar LandRover from an equity perspective. Based on Growth driver, market/economic trends, competitive forces and valuations, recommend to investors if the company\’s stock is a buy/sell/hold.1) For the write-up portion focus more on a) Sales growth drivers, Margin drivers, Moat and relative Value. A lot of the other factors (risk, dividend, financial information), can be summarized in charts and visuals with a title line providing your conclusion.2) Please do not waste 300 words giving me a description of the company, get right at your thesis as to why it is a buy or sell.3) You don\’t need to provide a specific target price valuation for the stock. Your conclusion is directional (Sell, Buy or Hold) and why.4) Include key visuals along with your writing or in the sidebar similar to professional reports. Charts that are less important or too large can go at the end as an appendix.5) I prefer a writing style with titles and takeaways clearly stated, not long, rambling paragraphs where I will need read your entire report in order to grasp what your trying to tell me. For example, for South China Airlines the section title \”Sales Growth Drivers\” would be followed by takeaways such as \”Expanding Middle Class stimulates air travel demand\” or \”Government infrastructure investment drives new airport construction\”. After each takeaway, you could provide a short paragraph including facts and figures to support the conclusion.