Gap Closure Proposal

This assignment (Gap closure proposal) focuses on the results of your literature review from the three research articles (Attached) as it relates to your PICO question which is: In chronic schizophrenia patients, will social skills training group be able to improve their social skills in the interpersonal relationship when compared to standard care?The purpose is to use the evidence gained from your lit review and propose a way to address: a) closing a knowledge gap that was identified, or b) applying the evidence to your own patient population and analyzing how well that went.This Gap closure proposal should have the following sections:
• Introductiono State the general issue (PICO question)o VERY briefly summarize the lit review (what question was used to search the literature, an overview of results & conclusions); 1-2 paragraphso identify gapo propose research question
• Specific aimo Reframe the proposed research question into a specific aimo State what hypothesis will be tested
• Methods (must be quantitative)o Study type –o What statistics will be used?o Subjects/setting – where will the study subjects come from?o What is an estimated sample size?o What measurements will be done (how will you measure the outcome – this should come from your lit review)
• Discussiono Describe how you as a Registered Nurse will use the results once you have them in the clinical setting and nursing practice