Gender and Contemporary Society

GWS 150B1: Gender and Contemporary Society Short Essay #3
1. Writeashortessay(750-900words)inresponsetothepromptbelow.
2. Keepinmindthatitwillbegradedbasedonthefollowingcriteria:
a. The essay should respond to the prompt question fully, specifically and accurately. In doing so, the essay should demonstrate your comprehension of the readings, key course concepts, and information discussed in lectures and sections, by drawing on those course materials to support your argument.
b. The essay should be well written. It should make a coherent logical argument, with a thesis statement and supporting reasoning. Sentences and paragraphs should be organized so as to support the logical development of the argument. The essay should include complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling, and appropriate punctuation.
3. SubmittheessaythroughD2LnolaterthanMonday,November7,5PM.It must be submitted in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.
Read the essay by Katheryn Edin, entitled What Do Single Mothers Say About Marriage? (This is the assigned reading for Wednesday October 26). As you will see, Edin has a particular take related to what we have covered in class related to marriage.
Write a short essay in which you identify and describe Edins project and argument.
The project is the purpose of the essay: what topic does the author investigate or discover? (Recall lecture topics on October 31.) What questions does Edin pose? What new approaches or perspectives does Edin contribute to understanding welfare reform, single mothers and marriage?
The argument is the claim the author makes about the topic, PLUS the evidence or reasoning they bring to bear in support of that claim. (Other terms that mean the same thing as claim are thesis or the main point.). What is Edins main point? What reasoning does Edin offer, to help us to see and understand the
thesis, to persuade us of this main idea? Are there some key sub-arguments that take us step by step to the larger claim?
Hints for reading and writing:
Edins essay is well organized, straightforward and clear. They lay out their project in the opening section, (on pgs. 388-89). The essay has subsections with titles that indicate the topic of each section. They offer a clear review and the impact of their argument at the end of the essay (397-400).
After careful reading, outlining, and notetaking, you are ready to write. Your essay should present the authors project and argument in your own words. Use short quotes from Edins essay as evidence to support your own claims about it
Note about citing sources: You do not need to use any sources other than the Edins essay itself, but are welcome to include references to lecture or the essay The Marriage Cure by Katharine Boo but are not required to do so. You can use a very simple citation method: simply put the authors name and page number from which you are quoting or paraphrasing in parenthesis after the quote or paraphrase.
On Plagiarism:
What is plagiarism and why is it important?
In college courses, we\’re continually engaged with other people\’s ideas: We read them in texts, hear them in lectures, discuss them in class, and incorporate them into our own writing. It\’s very important that we give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is using other people\’s ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information.
To avoid plagiarism, you must give credit whenever you:
Use another person\’s idea, opinion, or theory
Use any pieces of information (for example, facts, statistics, graphs, or
drawings) that aren\’t common knowledge
Use quotations of another person\’s actual spoken or written words
Paraphrase another person\’s spoken or written words
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