Gender and Development

For a long time, we have faced a situation of gender inequality all over the world and this situation is still present today.
Discuss this statement outlining whether you agree or disagree. Present arguments both in favour and in opposition of your position.
Include in your argumentation ways of overcoming gender inequalities as presented within the field of Gender and Development. Explain/articulate the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen approach.

The purpose of your essay is:

1) To report on the research, you have done
2) Where appropriate, raise alternative points of view and considerations ignored or neglected by your sources
3) Articulate and defend your perspective on these issues

The central skills you develop in this assignment are:

Critical thinking and analytical reasoning
The ability to articulate and defend your perspective in writing

Essay Guidelines: Read carefully

The essay must contain several references to and quotations from AT LEAST three relevant academic sources (books or peer-reviewed journal articles). These must be referenced properly, according to APA guidelines. The references should be taken from the readings that I posted for you on myCourses. Please refer to the handbook for guidance regarding penalties for plagiarism.
Essays that contain less than three references/quotations of academic sources will receive a C or less.

Please use all references listed:
– Lindsay (2015) Gender Roles
– Ortner (1972) Is Female to Male as Nature to Culture.
– Cornwall (2000) Missing Men, Masculinities & Gender in GAD.
– Nussbaum (2000) Women and Human Development, Capabilities Approach.
– Elson (2002) Gender Justice, HR and Neo-liberal Economic Policies.
– Elson (1995a) Household responses to stabilisation and structural adjustments male bias at the micro level.
– Global Gender Gap Report (2015) Country Results Europe and Central Asia.
– Chant (2016) Women, girls and world poverty.
– OECD-DAC Effective strategies for promoting Gender Equality (1999)
– Subrahmanian (2002) RB4 to Female Edu Depreviation in India.
– \”Gender Socialization at the workplace \” Rosabeth Moss Men and Women of the Corporation (1977)

Quote: \”While organizations were being defined as sex-neutral machines .. masculine principles were dominating their authority structure\”. (Travis 1993 : 153)

Use Notes which are uploaded aswell. (Reference them too)