Gender Discrimination and Change at Auburn University

Senior Thesis is the capstone course for all undergraduate History majors.Students will demonstrate the research, analytical, oral, and writing skills gained as majors through an original, analytical, article-length (20-25 page before endnotes and bibliography) paper grounded in primary source research. Oral versions of those papers will be presented to members of the Auburn History faculty.-Note that there should be a higher ratio of primary sources to secondary sources.- This paper should be divided into a 2-3 page introduction (see \”Thesis Partial Draft\” in attached PDFs), 2 to 3 subsections, and a conclusion that is no longer than one page. It must also include endnotes.I want this thesis paper to focus on how co-ed life on Auburn\’s campus has changed, specifically in regards to rules and regulations. Auburn became co-ed in 1892 and had strict rules confining female students until the 1970s. I want the paper to examine what these rules/regulations were, how they changed, when they changed, and who changed them.I have already compiled newspaper clippings that relate to this subject, and I have found the Co-etiquette handbook that was the guide to female behavior on Auburn\’s campus. My teacher suggested that I look at other universities around the US for comparison and context. The secondary source books that I have found on the subject are \”Sex in the Heartland\” by Beth L. Bailey and \”Sexual Reckonings: Southern Girls in a Troubling Age\” by Susan Cahn. There must be a higher concentration of primary sources in ratio to secondary sources. Below, I\’ve attached a 3 PDFs.-\”Thesis Notes\” are the notes and quotations that I\’ve already taken from Dean of Student Life/Dean of Women Records Inventory, Box 1, folders 3 and 4. I\’ve found many more folders that would be congruent with this topic. I can get back into the Archives and Special Collections Wednesday, Mar 22 and send you further primary resources from this collection at that time. I\’ll also send pages from the Co-Etiquette book as another primary source.-\”Thesis Partial Draft\” was a bit of an intro that I wrote before I had found my major primary sources. There are notes at the bottom that reflect my teacher\’s wishes for the direction of the writing as well as endnotes with potential resources for the full paper. I\’m not fully attached to this partial draft, but I figured the more I can give you the better! I like where I was going with it as an introduction, but I agree I just hadn\’t put that analytic edge on there.-\”Senior Thesis Newspaper Clippings\” are the remainder of the newspaper clippings that I\’ve found regarding this topic that I have scanned.NOTE: When citing any of these clippings, if the date and publication are not found, cite the folder and collection.-\”Sex in the Heartland\” is actually a quick summary of the book, I believe.Another great resource for Auburn University is the Digital Collections. To reach it, go to of the \”Orange and Blue\” (original Auburn University newspaper from 1893-1922) along with the \”Plainsman\” (1922-current newspaper) have been digitized and uploaded into that database. Also, the Board of Trustees Minutes can be found there.–Direct links to these digital collections:Orange and Blue: of Trustees Minutes: you so much for the help!