Gender Major Essay

Question: How important is it to take a stand against the increasing normalisation of cosmetic surgery in late capitalism?

Theoretical Reading:
Heyes, Cressida (2007) Somaesthetics for the Normalized Body. In Self transformations: Foucault, ethics, and normalized bodies Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, HQ1190 .H494 2007


Choose one theoritcal source and build the essay answer from there.
In your essay, you must summarise the choosen theoritical major source.

The suggested length of the summary of theoritical reading is approximately 400 words. Another way to look at it the summary is that this reading is your major source, or one of your major sources.

The summary of the theoritical major reading should be crafted in such a way that it facilitates your overall response to the essay question. This means that I don\’t mind if you \’break up\’ or distribute the summary throughout the essay. However I also don\’t mind if you want to pursue a more conventional approach and present the summary in \’one block\’ within your paper. Please choose the method that works best for you!

Please Use some of the Suggested Sources as well.