Genogram and Family of Origin Paper

You are expected to create a genogram for your family of origin (make something up, just be sure to make their nationality and names Greek) displaying at least three generations. If you have your own children, include four generations with your children being the youngest generation. Include information such as mental and physical illnesses; dates of births, deaths, marriages, and divorces; significant losses; significant accomplishments; addictions; occupations; and educational levels.The genogram can be done freehand or with computer software. An appropriate format (one commonly used in the profession) is to be utilized. It will be uploaded with the order. Understanding the impact of your family of origin on your development is critical to your understanding as a therapist. Self-awareness and resolution of your personal family issues help prepare you for clinical work. In this paper, you will be describing the dynamics in your family of origin and examining their effect on you. Utilize and reference course concepts as you address points two and three below. Follow APA guidelines for references and citations. This 6 page, double-spaced paper should include the following:-A brief presentation of the demographics of your family of origin, including ethnicity, cultural influences, current age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, number of children, occupations, and educational level for each family member.-A description of the family system dynamics that operated during your developmental years. Examples of dynamics include scapegoating, over or under functioning, complementary or symmetrical relationships, family roles, transactional patterns, emotional proximity, boundary patterns (such as triangulation, enmeshment, or disengagement), and rules governing the system. You are to apply systemic language, give examples, and cite references in your descriptions.-An evaluation of the impact of your family dynamics (positive and negative) on you. Include whether or not you believe your family of origin experience contributed to your decision to become a counselor. If there were other people or non-family experiences that contributed to this decision, include that information in this discussion.

Components % of Grade
Evidence and support 30%
Organization and coherence 30%
Style and mechanics 10%
Analysis and reflection 30%
TOTAL 100%

Use FULL APA Style. CORRECT FORMATTING. First page must have the Running Head in the header but nowhere else, INCLUDE ABSTRACT and do NOT put any references in the abstract. Use proper and scientific language and correct grammar and syntax. Do not use casual expressions or first person in the text and make sure to use politically correct and non-offensive terminology. This is supposed to be platinum quality. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON. Always refer to the author in third person. Use sources to relate to everything that you say. Use sources that are from the year 2000 and on. The more recent the better. Make sure all references are cited in the text