Gentrification in West Village Manhattan NY

Select a specific area or neighborhood in the city and write a paper on one or more aspects of the neighborhoods evolution over time. You are free to focus on a specific issue (e.g. the influence of urban decay in the 1970s on real estate development in Harlem) or to give more general accounts (e.g. the development of Morningside Heights from the 1800s through today). You may also compare two areas, districts or neighborhoods if you have a thesis or research question that connects them.
It is important that you have a strong research question or point of view about the area or subject you select; it is not sufficient to simply report facts that can be found on Wikipedia. To the extent that they apply to your topic, you may want to address the following type of points: original topography, evolution of land ownership, demographics, community concerns, the relation of local real estate development to larger issues confronting New York City, relevant cultural shifts, the role of particular real estate players, planning policies and regulations.