Global Governance: Final Essay

Essay Question: A Constructivist or Realist or Feminist understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and alternatives to the International Refugee Regime.

Please pick one of the three theoretical approaches to write this essay.

This assignment requires you to evaluate the governance mechanisms of the refugee case study. You are to use the chosen conceptual approach to both analyse and critique the management of this issue, particularly in terms of the explicit and implicit biases in the management of this issue, and how this impacts on the effective management of transnational issues.

You are required to demonstrate an understanding of:

the issue, the relevant institutions, and the conceptual approach you choose to employ;
examine the strengths and weaknesses associated with way in which the issue has been understood and managed;
examine the alternatives to how this issue could be addressed and managed.

I will upload a document with the required readings for these areas. please try and incorporate some into the essay.

I will also upload 4 files of the readings themselves that i have as a soft copy. these a quite important.

Citing and referencing : USE either intext citations OR footnotes.