Global South and the Cold War

For this essay please answer the following question in the following format:.

– How important is the \’global south\’ to an analysis of the Cold War? Discuss with reference to at least two different theories of international relations. (please use Realism and Liberalism)

Format: This assignment is designed to do three things:

First, you are being asked to make an ARGUMENT in response to question above. To that end, it is important that you give a clear answer to the question (i.e., state your thesis).

Second, you are being asked to demonstrate that you can engage with that body of international relations theory that is relevant to the question and your thesis. This means you MUST demonstrate a CRITICAL understanding of these theories and an ability to weigh their relative strengths and weaknesses in relation to your argument.

Third, you should illustrate your argument, where appropriate, with empirical materials. You should therefore be careful about the organization of your paper. Make sure that you do all of the following (as these are also the criteria we will use in grading the papers):

1. Provide a clear statement of your thesis (i.e., your answer to the basic question).
2. Define the different theoretical positions on the issue as relevant to your answer.
3. Critically analyse the different positions to support your argument.
4. Draw a conclusion and explain WHY you hold the view that you do (this will probably make up the bulk of your essay). That is, justify your answer.

Be aware that the objective of the essay is not to undertake a lot of empirical research into the history of the events and relations being discussed. The questions set are intended to enable you to explore and work through different theoretical accounts of international politics. This should be your primary focus, with reference to empirical material only where and insofar as it is relevant to your argument.

References: You must include references to the materials you use, including course readings, in order to support your claims. References can be given in within-text citations, you should be consistent. You are required to provide a full bibliography of material cited in the essay.

Please do not use direct quotes from sources but rather paraphrase and provide in-text citations.

For 3 out of the 7 required references please use the following sources:

\”Locating the Global South in the Theorisation of the Cold War: Capitalist Development, Social Revolution and Geopolitical Conflict\”
by Richard Saull
Third World Quarterly


John Lewis Gaddis, 1986 ?The Long Peace: Elements of Stability in the Postwar International System,? International Security 10(4): 99-142


Michael Klare, ?East-West versus North-South: Dominant and Subordinate Themes in U.S. Military Strategy since 1945?, in John R. Gillis, ed. The Militarization of the Western World (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1989, pp. 141-165.

Please only use academic/scholarly sources and articles and not .com .org .net, etc. websites.

Thank your for your time. If you have any further question please feel free to send me a message.