Global/Multicultural Knowledge and Awareness


Skills: Students analyze texts in order to explore rhetorical situations associated with diverse cultures or nationalities.

General task: During your years at UNLV, you are expected to develop knowledge of global and multicultural societies and an awareness of their place in and effect on them. In producing Writing Project 2, you are asked to focus on the following outcome of the targeted UULO: [To] respond to diverse perspectives linked to identity, including age, ability, religion, politics, race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality, both in American and international context. This response, however, should expand upon the analytical skills learned in Writing Projects 1 to examine the perspectives that inform a specific culture. As is evident in the UULOs phrasing, culture has a broad definition that extends beyond ethnicity. The focus of the essay should be the culture you are examining.

You are encouraged to use a variety of strategies that best fit the rhetorical situation of their essay. In addition to analysis, such strategies may include narration, description, definition, comparison, and/or classification. You must incorporate information, ideas, and/or details from two to three sources from the options listed above. They may also include a visual element, such as a photograph, to illustrate the culture. The visual component may be an image found on-line or created by you. To reinforce the importance of academic honesty, I need you to document sources with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page.

Write an essay in which you take a position on how well you own school (UNLV) builds community and fosters learning, and then offer a proposal for positive change and describe what the school would have to do to meet the challenge.

General Purpose: In WP1, you focused on analyzing a specific text in isolation. In this project, you must expand your vision to examine the context that informs our understanding of a text. Central to this are the dynamics that exist between audience and author of the text. Be specific with your examples and connections/relationships.