Group Project Proposal – Final Report

i will send file have the assignment description so because it group project i will highlight my part which are 3. Overall aim and purpose and Objectives 3 or 4 SMART objectives and 9. Recommendation/Conclusion for the recommendation i think you have two wait till my group finish their part and i will send it to you so you can do it but for the purpose and objectives i need it by 5 days

also i like you to do the project scope and contract

this is our project details

Project Title: UPBRIGHT Cuisine Restaurant at CBD

Project Goals:

Meeting the needs of owner of restaurant who desire to target students, families and tourists as well as faculties of different palate, taste and preferences residing at CBD.
To establish premier home-style restaurant in Adelaide.
Generating profit through selling food.
Project Brief:

The Scope of project is to plan to operate premier style restaurant in the heart of Adelaide. This project will be executed by acquiring a small building (approx. 450 meter square) at the West Adelaide. The layout of the restaurant will be in 50% (50 seats) for dining area, 20% of the area will be for Kitchen, storage, 10% staff facilities such as locker, toilets, and pot-wash and office area 20% for parking space.

The project will be initiated in September of 2016 and come to completion in October 2016. The project is slated to cost not to exceed $275 000. The project will have three different milestone phases.

Research Phase:

1.Vendor acquisition contracts
2.Stakeholders contracts
3.Interior design plans
4.Exterior design plans
5.Site proposal plan
Procurement Phase:

1.Restaurant equipment (dishwasher, chair, table, etc.)
2.Registration permit
3.Health permit

1.Equipment installation

Out of scope:

Organising Funds

Organising sponsorships

Out of scope:
The following things does not include in the project;
– Buying the land
– Running business
– Sponorship
– Advertising

Project Criteria:

The project will be considered to complete when the restaurant is open for business and serving customers.

i will send three example you can have idea to writing