Gun Violence

Research information on the topic (Gun Violence) in the U.S. focusing on the two points below. Use reliable sources. These sources will range from reputable news sources, academic or scholarly sources, data sources, and more. You can find statements and other information from the American Public Health Association website on your topic under the \”Topics and Issues\” tab. This website is a nice place to start in order to determine what the public health topic is about, how it affect the general population; it can give you leads to other sources to start building your group presentation. For each point below summarize key information (about 200 words per summary) in a presentation tone and from the summary separate key bullet points which will be placed on a PowerPoint slide. Provide reference page with the latest news but for history you can go back further in time
Severity of the health topic:
Present risk factors and contributing factors (historical and political factors for instance) Ex.NRA (National Rifle Association)

Prevention and interventions:
Discuss the health agencies or groups involved and their key functions. Ex.CDC (Centers for Disease Control)