Hardcore Criminals Should never Be Freed from Prison

THIS ESSAY WILL CONTAIN__(Introduction Paragraph)–(Three body paragraphs)–(Rebuttal paragraph)–(Conclusion Paragraph)-(Work Cited Page)-about– 900-to-1100 wordsThe primary purpose of an introductory paragraph is to attract the reader\’s attention and identify the topic and purpose of the essay. A thesis statement often appears at the end of an introductory paragraph.MEAL PLAN for argumentative essay body paragraphsMain Idea: Your topic sentence stating the concrete claim the paragraph is advancing. Evidence: Paraphrase or direct quotations from the source material you are using to support your topic sentence\’s claim. Analysis: Your explanation and evaluation of the evidence; explaining the evidence you provided and its relevance in your own words.Link (Link evidence back to the main point. This often happens within your analysis.)(Come up with 3 reason) in three body paragraphs- why that thesis statement is valid/true.Using that reason, structure a Main Idea/Topic Sentence for your Body ParagraphsSupports your thesis statement Incorporates properly cited Evidence that supports the paragraph’s Main Idea/Topic Sentence Introduces the Evidence (quoted material) with signal phrases Follows the MEAL/TEA Plan for Body ParagraphsNote: When you use Evidence from a scholarly source in your writing, include 1) the author’s first and last name in your signal phrase, 2) include the title of the work in your signal phrase, 3) include the author’s credentials that will indicate to your reader that this author is credible.The Rebuttal Paragraph will explain -What is the opposing view of my research argument essay?In a conclusion paragraph, you summarize what you’ve written about in your paper