Health and safety

Course (Building Surveying Practice)
Subject (Assignment 1: Health and safety)

Learning (outcomes)

On completion of this assignment you should
1. Be able to identify ways in which health and safety affects the building surveyor

2. Understand and appreciate the role of health and safety legislation

Assignment brief

You have been appointed as a building surveyor in a professional surveying practice.

The senior partner has asked you to produce a report that gives a critical appraisal of the moral, legal and economic arguments for health and safety as it relates to the building surveyor.

He has asked you to refer to relevant legislation that might affect the building surveyor in normal duties, such as undertaking surveys, reports and construction contract administration.

He has also asked you to quote and mention any relevant case studies to illustrate your report.

University (general instruction). The written report is to be word processed and referenced, where appropriate, using the Harvard system of referencing.

Assessment (Your assignment will be assessed on the basis of:

1Critical appraisal of the moral, legal and economic arguments for Health and Safety as it relates to the building surveyor.

2 The suitability and relevance of your report.

3 The structure and presentation of your report.

4 Applicable references.

N.B: the note can be sub-categorized and focus this following areas are Legislation, Finances ( cost of training and awareness), Moral (ethnics and standard) Precaution and avoidance of casualties. Case Study within UK building practice.