Health Assessment and Promotion

Health Assessment and Promotion
Health Promotion Assignment

Health promotion and disease prevention are an important part of holistic health care. This assignment gives the student an opportunity to apply the concept of health promotion to a patient as part of a comprehensive health care plan. Health promotion is aimed at identifying positive acts patients can take to decrease the likelihood that they will become ill. These positive acts often have a screening or teaching component related to a particular disease or condition for which an individual patient is at risk. For this paper the student will:

Write a 1 paragraph summary of your adult patient that includes: age, gender, ethnicity, current and previous occupations, family health history, past and current individual health history. (10%)
Draw a 3 generation genogram labeled with ages, causes of death, and current health problems or absence of health problems. The genogram should be in the Appendix of paper. (5%)
Based on the patient summary and genogram, select FOUR different topics for health promotion that are specific to this individual and relate to the following areas:

1. age (20%)
2. gender (20%)
3. heredity- family disease history or ethnic/cultural background (20%)
4. life style (20%)

For each topic of health promotion provide evidence that places your patient at risk for the problem you have identified. Reference epidemiological data that supports your patients 4 risks. In addition, describe the type of screening recommended for the risk or teaching that your patient will need, based on the risk. These must also be referenced.

For example, if your patient is an 19 year old Irish-American female gymnast who has amenorrhea and a 2 generation history of osteoporosis, health promotion areas would include risks for young adults such as depression and suicide (risk due to her age), low iron intake in females (risk due to her gender), malnutrition in gymnasts (risk due to life style) and osteoporosis in later life in Caucasian women (risk due to heredity factors). Each of these areas would be documented with epidemiological data and specific screening tests and teaching or preventive interventions would be identified. A brief statement about the indicated screening test or teaching needed is adequate, not a whole teaching plan on anemia and pages of information on foods high in iron and recommended types and doses of iron supplements.
The paper will be written in APA format, with a cover page, one Appendix page and a reference page. No abstract page is needed. The body of the paper should be NO MORE THAN 3 pages, using the APA required 12 font with 1 inch margins. Submit the paper through Blackboard assignment and hand in a hard copy of the paper. (5%)
Late submission will not be accepted.