Health Behavior Intervention & Survey

Health Behavior Intervention 7 pages
& Survey 3 pages
the Topic is ((Prenatal Education to decrease childhood intake of sugar-sweetened beverages))

follow the instructions and Develop an intervention and survey, based on a health theory ; I will upload a friend assignment use it as sample.
and another word document talk about the Prevalence of childhood obesity and the increase intake of sugar sweetened beverages

For Intervention do 7 pgs.
Design an intervention for your health topic and population of interest
o Approval needed by instructor
The intervention must be based on a health theory
Use the literature to design your intervention
Do not implement your intervention, instead view this as proposal
Include SMART objectives for the intervention
Explain how you plan to utilize theory
Make relevant to your career or academic goals
Please use the following section headings when writing your paper:
o Scope of the problem 2 pgs. (double space)
Include epidemiological trends
Factual information
Avoid tongue in cheek anecdotal stories
o Avoid judgmental or moral tone
Keep formal and scientific
In text citations use APA Style 6th Edition
o Program Goals ? 1pg.
o Explain Intervention 2 pgs.
Theory intervention program goals, must align
Try to highlight unique/innovative ideas
Adapt/modify evidence based practices to meet your unique population
Cite the literature
o Evaluation 2 pgs.
o References 1pg. APA Style 6th Edition

How the intervention will be evaluated (20pts):
Followed directions in the syllabus (10%, 2 pts.).
Discuss the scope of the problem i.e., cite prevalence of the behavior and risk factors based on citations from the literature with references (20%, .4 pts.).
SMART goals and objectives (10%, 2 pts.).
o Specific
o Measurable
o Achievable
o Realistic
o Time oriented
Intervention utilized theory, based on literature review. Discuss: Who, What, Where, Why, and When! Describe in detail, with examples, how you will use each of the constructs to design your intervention (40%, 8 pts.)
Evaluation plan (20%, .4 pts.).
o How will you collect data?
Electronic survey or paper/pencil mailed survey?
o When will you collect data?
o What comparisons will you make?
Will you include a randomly assigned control group?
o What indicators will you track?
o Discuss limitations

for Survey do 3 pages
Include demographics
Assess the prevalence of the behavior of interest
Assess negative related consequences
Include at least two constructs from one theory
o Need at least four items per construct
[place in brackets what construct you are measuring]
e.g., [attitude]
Design questions to evaluate your intervention
Use the literature to develop the survey and principles learned in class
Survey should be 3 pages
Do not collect data, but ask your peers and colleagues to review your instrument
Upload the survey to the appropriate Blackboard discussion post.
PhD students only will present their intervention and survey to the class the last week of the semester.

How the Survey will be evaluated (10pts):
10 points for the survey utilizing theory
o Followed directions (10%, 1 point)
i.e., included demographics, Table of Specification etc.
o Theory (40%, 4 points)
Must include assess at least two constructs with four items each
o Evaluation (20%, 2 points)
Must assess the prevalence of the behavior
o Items written clearly (20%, 2 points)
o Face validity (10%, 1 point)
Items grouped together
Items appropriately spaced use white space