Health Policy

Health policies and strategies shift whenever there is a change in administration at any level following an election. The elections that will occur this week are such a time and regardless of what party you support or not this is an opportunity to advocate and help/influence as well as educate the newly elected governmental officials on issues related to health policy. Polices surrounding the health care workforce in our country are vitally important.

References within the last 5 years/peer reviewed


Discuss ONE health care workforce policy issue/bill from your perspective as an advanced practice nurse (speak with your nursing voice and expertise) that you would like any member of the incoming new CONGRESS (Senate or House) to consider supporting in their first term of office.

NOTE: State why you think this health care workforce policy is important and what actions/steps you want them to take to support it. Remember to cite literature and other resources to support your perspective.

Helpful web sites to review for this assignment: