Health Policy Project Peer Review

Health Policy Project Peer Review
Instructions of the Health Policy Project:
Once you have completed you PROBLEM STATEMENT and read through Bardach and Bird & Reiker, you will begin the next major phase of your policy paper project. There are three parts to this next step.
Write a topic brief — this includes:
1. your problem statement
2. very brief background information on your topic
3. idea for a policy solution (or analysis of an existing solution)
4. stakeholders affected (see Bardach for ideas)
Write a short narrative about an individual (or institution) which illustrates the issues of your problem statement (see examples used in Bird & Reiker for ideas).
What are the constraints that interfere with a good outcome for your individual?
How can a policy intervention lead to a better outcome?

Create a constrained choice model that illustrates your narrative and topic brief in graphic format (see especially Chapt. 3 of Bird & Rieker)
You may want to play with this model a bit filling in a model based on constraints that lead to negative outcomes and another model showing the policy changes that create opportunities for better outcomes.

References: Bardach, Eugene and Patashnik, Erik. A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving. Fifth Edition. CQ Press. 2015. (BARDACH in syllabus) ISBN-13: 978-1483359465 Bird, Chloe E. and Reiker, Patricia P. Gender and Health: The Effects of Constrained Choices and Social Policies. Cambridge University Press. 2008. (BIRD&REIKER in syllabus) ISBN-10: 0521682800 | ISBN-13: 978-0521682800 Weissert, Carol S. and Weissert, William G. Governing Health: The Politics of Health Policy. Fourth Edition. Johns Hopkins University Press. 2006. (WEISSERT&WEISSERT in syllabus) Electronic Book 9781421408460 | Paperback 978142140621

Peer Review Questions

1. Does the topic seem focused enough that it will be possible to use it for this project?
2. Is the topic brief done according the instructions provided? Are all the elements required there? Is the problem statement clear? Are possible policy solutions suggested?
3. Is the stakeholder list detailed and well developed?
4. Do the model and narrative piece help you to see what the project might become and understand different aspects of the issue?
5. Do you have any advice about how this could be made clearer?
6. What is the most interesting thing about this project?
Next, write a short review by answering these questions and adding any other thoughts you feel will help strengthen the work.
Finally, read the reviews of your own project and use them to make revisions as you move forward with your project. Feel free to respond to reviews if you like but it is not required.