Health Psychology

Assignment one is based upon a very popular piece of coursework taken from the MSc Health Psychology course. You will be asked to produce a portfolio on an aspect of health psychology. This exercise relies to a great extent upon your ability to research, collect, organise and reflect upon information on a specific topic of your own choice [e.g., obesity] and use this topic to tell us about the extensive and varied roles played by the Health [or Clinical] Psychologist. Our experience with this approach at MSc level has shown that it tends to be very popular with students, who find the finished portfolio a very valuable resource. This is also a very important key skill area for you to develop if you are looking to follow any of the professional routes in psychology at postgraduate level. REMEMBER the idea here is to convey the many varied roles that the Psychologist plays; and you convey this using a topic or health condition of your choice. A good starting point, therefore, may be to find out what roles the Health/Clinical Psychologist plays, then apply to the topic/health condition you choose. Example at: