Please flow this 250 word most from what I gave you.
Write a response to one of the questions from your reading, using theoretical and
research evidence.
1- Discuss factors associated with treatment adherence.
2-Discuss how is conscientiousness related to health outcomes?

Text reading
Barkway, P. (Ed.). (2013). Psychology for Health Professionals (2nd ed.). Australia: Elsevier. Chapter 8
You may also find that other Chapters are relevant to the reading responses.
??Additional reading
Bessell, A., Dures, E., Semple, C., & Jackson, S. (2012). Addressing appearance-related
distress across clinical conditions. British Journal of Nursing, 21(19), 1138-1143.
doi: doi:10.12968/bjon.2012.21.19.1138
Friedman, H. S., & Kern, M. L. (2014). Personality, well-being, and health. Annual
Review of Psychology, 65, 719-742. doi: 10.1146/annurev-psych-010213-115123
Assignments need to be typed in times new roman, 12 point font, double
spaced, with 2.5-3.2 cm margins. It is recommended that you use sub-headings. Indent the first line of each paragraph. Number all pages of your assignment and
include your name or your student ID number on each page.
The word count starts at the title and ends before the reference list. The word count includes everything in-between. There are no penalties for word counts + or – 10%. When writing your essay, consider whether your essay meets the criteria rather than excessively focusing on the word count.
References and in-text referencing are required to be in APA referencing format.
(The scope and purpose of the reading response has been clearly outlined. Succinct, engaging introduction to the topic; sound grasp of the essay topic is evident. )
(Have clearly addressed and answered the question. The question is thoroughly addressed.
Well argued. Ideas and assertions are supported by argument or references.
Clear that all main issues understood, explored and evaluated and conclusion justified.)

(Conclusion is logically drawn from preceding discussion and is related to the focus of the assignment. Good concluding section which draws together the various points made. Succinct summary of the main points.)

Written expression and presentation
(Neat, legible type, appropriate spacing and layout. The reading response follows a logical structure and ideas are presented clearly, well organized and sequenced. The arguments are strong and clear with coherent themes. Direct and to the point with little divergence.
No irrelevant/superfluous information. Clear, concise and well-structured sentences; paragraphs develop a single theme. Correct grammar, spelling & use of academic language. Within 10% of word limit.
A pleasure to read & easy to follow.)

(Referencing consistently conforms to APA style referencing. Correct acknowledgment of sources; Relevant material & literature utilised.)