Hip Hop culture in the U.S paper proposal

write a paper proposal in the topic about Hip Hop culture in the U.S,
following three goals in three separate paragraphs. Please also include a DESCRIPTIVE title.

Paragraph #1:
o Poses and frames the question
o Think about asking how questions.
o Its always better to ask a question where you can position yourself as the authority. Try asking a how question using the particular archive youd like to explore.
o You must also include an argument (or claim) about the importance of answering your question. What is your reason for this intervention? Why does it matter?

Paragraph #2:
o Explains how you plan to answer your question.
o Identifies method and archive.
o How do you plan to treat the question youve posed in the first paragraph?

Paragraph #3:
o Preview of possible argument.
o Write through some of your initial thinking on the topic.
o This part doesnt have to be perfect and should function as a sketch of your ideas.

topic should relate to the readings about Hip Hop culture in the U.S,
NO need to quote from source or reference,