Hiring Ethics Scenerio

Hiring Ethics Scenario
Consider the following scenario:

The hiring manager for your company, Steve, comes to you for advice. He is trying to fill a job opening in another department and he has two great candidates for the position. One of the candidates meets all of the job requirements and has several years of experience in a similar role at another company. The other candidate meets all of the job requirements, but lacks the extra experience the first candidate has. However, the hiring manager believes that the second candidate\’s personality and overall demeanor would be a much better fit within the department and for the company.

Steve feels that the second candidate is the obvious choice for the position. But he reveals his real dilemma to you. Last week, Steve met with the union leader who represents the workers in the department with the opening. The union leader insisted that the position be filled with a Caucasian individual. Although the team is made up of mixed races, he felt that several of the workers would be more accepting of a white person joining the team. The union leader added that there could be a workers\’ strike if the wrong type of person was hired to fill the open position.

Steve tells you that the first candidate with the skills and experience is Caucasian and the second candidate, who also meets all the requirements and would be a better fit for the team and the company, is African American.

Steve does not want to risk a workers\’ strike, and technically (because of the additional experience) the first candidate would be more qualified, even though Steve would have hired the second candidate if he had not met with the union leader.

Consider the following:
Examine legal and ethical considerations for this situation.
Identify your organizational policies and procedures in relation to respecting diversity in the work setting. (If you are not currently employed, access an agency\’s policies and procedures to use for this discussion.)
Determine how you will respond to or counsel Steve.
Detail your recommendations for Steve (how you will advise him). Describe your thought process (reasoning).