Hispanic-Themed Film Experience

Watch a recent (made since 2000) feature-length film in English, which offers a realistic and culturally-appropriate depiction of some aspect of Hispanic culture or Hispanic life. These films must be viewed without commercial interruption, i.e. in a theater, on DVD, video, or a pay cable channel such as HBO or Showtime.

Write a movie critique (min. 500 words.), in which you present a thorough analysis of the film that you saw. Plot summaries are NOT acceptable must meet APA requirements

This must be typed and contain your opinions and analysis of what you saw.

Plot summaries are not acceptable.

You may wish to include the following aspects within your film critique:

Cinematography = The art or technique of movie photography, including both the shooting and development of the film.
Sound = The aspect of film making that relates to dialogue and sound effects.
Music = The use of music as background or plot mechanism to advance the story.
Realism of Plot = The presentation of actions or social conditions as they actually are.
Character Development = The evolution of the character throughout the course of events within the film.
Costuming = The use of costumes to depict the appropriate atmosphere for a film.
Acting = The quality of the performances given by actors within a film.
Setting = The use of place and time to advance the story.

In addition, tell what, if anything, you learned from this experience and whether you would recommend it to others.. REMEMBER, back up your opinions with references to the plot. Must meet APA requirements