History of Newark New Jersey

Exam Question

Imagine it is January 1941 and you have been selected to sit on the committee celebrating Newarks 275th Anniversary. As part of the celebration, you need to present a speech to the committee about what you think must be included as part of the commemoration of the anniversary.
For this essay, you need to write the speech that you will present to the committee. Your exam should be in the form of a speech, so there should be plenty of I in it. The speech must include ALL of the following elements:

1. FIVE direct citations from any of the documents I have listed in support of your thesis statement.

2. A clear thesis statement.

3. A discussion of least four important events, transformative moments, eras, and/or transitions in Newarks past that need to be highlighted during a commemoration event AND why they should be included.

4. And lastly, you must state what one public program, art installation, statue, preservation project, museum exhibit, lecture, documentary film, public school curriculum you want included in the 275th commemoration AND why.
a. You need to both tell me what the public history project is AND you must make an argument for why this choice is an essential piece of the commemoration event.

*Remember, you are in 1941, so do not talk about things that have not happened yet, such as the US involvement in WWII. You cannot preserve buildings that havent been built yet (though you can plan to preserve buildings that are actively used at this point).

*Also, keep in mind that the word commemoration is not the same as a celebration. Though there can be celebration in a commemoration, a commemoration can include more than that (it is worth thinking deeply about definitions).
Keep in mind when you are writing this that the goal of this midterm is for me to see:
1. That you understand the evolution of the city

2. The connections one can make through the events of the citys past

And MOST IMPORTANTLY that you can make and support your arguments using the
primary source material I listed above
Good luck