Homo Neanderthalis

Topic: You are to select one species of hominid and present for 10-15 minutes exploring the biology and behavior of your hominid. You will be expected to include at least the following information:a. Hominid’s classification (where it fits in the human evolutionary lineage)Homo Neanderthalisb. When it existed400-40kyac. Ecology/environmentEurope and southwestern to central Asiad. Morphologya. Cranial morphologyLarge middle part of the face, angled cheek bones, large nose, low receding forehead, distinct browridges, thick, strong bones. Larger brains than modern humansb. Non-cranial morphologyi. StatureShort, stocky. 5’4” avg.ii. BipedalityCompletely bipedaliii. Arm/limb structureShorter lower leg bones compared to upper leg bones. Long arms.e. Major fossil evidence for the speciesf. Major fossil evidence for its inclusion/exclusion from direct human ancestryg. Cultural associations (if any) we have for the speciesh. Anything else of interest you learned about the speciesYou will only be allowed to use scholarly sources. Websites will NOT be allowed, but journal articles derived from databases will be accepted. Journals and books (including those you find online through the library’s website) are okay so long as they are scholarly. If you have questions regarding the appropriateness of a source, email it to me and I will take a look at it. A minimum of 2 sources per group member. Your textbook can be one of these.