Housing Regeneration: How Mayor of London can partner with Housing Association to deliver Affordable Homes in London

This is the first stage of the project which is culminate as a speech presentation.
A written word will need to be summarise the main points to be aired in the presentation method.

Guide on the things a presentation should cover and those criteria (below in slightly different form) should guide the design of your presentation, which should:

1. Concise with the topic is (Regeneration: How Mayor of London can partner with Housing Association to deliver Affordable Homes in London) definition and is not just a random exploration of anything to do with property. Explain in brief what is meaning.

2. Area of cover: Mayor of London housing strategies. (Kindly Google search Mayor of London housing strategies for more facts and sources)
Priorities are:
Plan to provide at least 42,000 new homes per year across tenures.
Better support for working Londoners an opportunity to own low cost homes and have more priority for affordable housing rent.
Financial settlement for the GLA to lead on housing supply.
Accelerating the pace of construction.
Improve the private rented sector.
Encourage the development of attractive and suitable homes for older people and offer better incentives to downsize.
Producing a statutory London housing strategy.
Investing funds to provide new affordable homes, improve existing social rented homes and undertakes housing initiative.
Manage portfolio of public land and deliver a range of major regeneration projects.

3. Identify the stakeholders involved in the topic and explain their level of involvement and contribution to housing development (Mayor of London, Planning authorities, Housing Developers, Housing Associations, private or buy-to-let investors etc) and some of the dilemmas that arise in the topic, which is unlikely to have an easy answer and should not be pre-judged. Endeavour to indicate lines of inquiry that a competent researcher would pursue in this topic such as those who might be interviewed, the case studies for development (Barking Riverside Project) methods and process of how to replicate this type of development across London and Case study of Housing association engaging design and build is London and Quadurant L&Q that would be looked at or the data bases interrogated etc.). Kindly Google L&Q and Barking riverside to get facts and source.

Kindly answer the following question in brief without explaining or writing note with references? Answer them with number without rewriting the question to answer it.

1. What are the roles of the planning authorities on affordable homes?

2. How is the planning system contributed to increase of affordable homes?

3. Is section 106 really effective to deliver affordable homes?

4. What are the government roles to encourage assist or support Affordable Home builder?

5. What are the potential impacts of affordable homes on a new development?

6. What are the impacts of development of affordable home on local house prices?

7. What are stakeholder attitudes towards affordable homes on a new development?

8. What is the shift between investor coming in on a build to rent and big developers?

9. What is the danger if no one build affordable Homes on a new development?

4. Indicate or Shows that some relevant sources (books, articles, reports etc) have already been identified and while these may not have been read these from cover to cover at this stage, they have been identified as being relevant and will ultimately form part of the research journey.

5. Kindly deliver in an appropriate pace, clarity and legibility so that it convinces in a workable plan in place (so avoid waffled and vague generalisations).