How and why was the European single market achieved?

Essay Instructions:

word limit: 2750 words (references not included)
times new roman
references: 15-17

Assessed Essay Titles Term
1 – How and why was the European single market achieved?
2- Why have the EUs social and environment policies enjoyed differing degrees of success?
3- How do you account for the history of European Monetary Union between 1991 and 2008?
4-What caused the Euro crisis that started in 2009? Are there any solutions?

important!:please choose the one which you have better knowledge.thank you.


Please note that only those essays that analyse refereed academic journal articles and scholarly books will be eligible for top marks.

Generic marking criteria The following will give you an indication of what your examiners are looking for within particular degree classifications. 80 100% Outstanding work of publishable quality, displaying an exceptional degree of originality and creativity and / or exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. 4 Shows critical understanding of current knowledge, including relevant research papers and reviews. 70 79% Excellent work displaying a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject together with the ability to critically evaluate selected aspects of current knowledge. Demonstrates a well-supported argument and competent use of bibliographical and referencing techniques. Clear evidence of research skills including methodologies and appropriate use of primary and secondary materials. 60 69% Shows a good knowledge and understanding of the subject with no major gaps or omissions. Displays ability to analyse, interpret and organise information to support and argument or proposition. Competent bibliographic and referencing skill and shows evidence of wide reading beyond lecture notes and standard texts. 50 59% Shows a satisfactory knowledge and understanding of the essentials of the subject with an ability to integrate information into a clear, well-structured account, but lacking in breadth or depth, or with some significant aspects omitted or with no clearly developed argument. Evidence that sources other than lecture notes and set texts have been consulted. 40 49% Shows a general knowledge and understanding of the subject but very limited in depth or breadth. Weakly structured with no clear argument. Little or no evidence of reading around the subject. Work displaying deficiencies and omissions but not serious enough to warrant a failure. 33 39% Marginal Pass knowledge and understanding of the subject are fragmentary, some aspects showing a very basic level of understanding but other aspects displaying fundamental errors and omissions. 20 32% Very limited range of knowledge with many important gaps and omissions. Shows incomplete understanding with numerous errors of interpretation. 10 19% Shows only the most limited and fragmentary knowledge of the subject with little or no understanding of essential principles and concepts. 0 10% Virtually devoid of any evidence of knowledge or understanding of the subject.

Essay writing: In your essay you are asked to address a specific aspect of a course topic in the form of an essay question. This means that your essay has to be focused closely on the essay question and has to provide a satisfactory answer to it rather than being a general discussion of the topic. Bear in mind that in this final year course, examiners will expect your essays to demonstrate more in-depth research and more critical and evaluative judgement than in previous years. Your essay should display a clear and coherent academic argument, with an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. As far as possible such argument should be structured analytically rather than descriptively. An essential requirement for an academic argument in the social sciences is to be based on evidence, either primary or secondary or a combination of both. Examples of primary sources include statistics, official publications and speeches or memoirs by political leaders while secondary sources are constituted by the academic literature on that topic. In order for your essay to be evidence-based, you thus need to support your argument with references to either primary or secondary sources and that you need to make sure such references are clear and accurate. This, in turn, means reading widely on your essay topic with the reading list provided in this outline as the starting point and list all the sources your refer to in your essay in a final bibliography. Please also bear in mind that the quality of your written expression is a crucial determinant of the quality of your argument. If your written English is frequently misspelled and with syntactical errors, your essay will be penalised accordingly. Some additional guidance is at the end of this outline. NB Please make sure that you understand the College definition of plagiarism and that the penalties, if found guilty, are severe. See the European Studies Student Handbook for further information and the Moodle Avoiding Plagarism .

Key Texts: There is no one key textbook for this course; rather this course will draw on a wide-range of leading texts on European international relations from a variety of perspectives. Journal articles will be posted on Moodle at appropriate times. You are encouraged to post journal articles that you find interesting on the Moodle site for others to consult. They include: Heywood et al (eds.) (2006) Developments in European Politics, Basingstoke: Palgrave. Hix, S. & Hoyland, B. (2011) The Political System of the European Union, Basingstoke: Palgrave. Richardson, J. (ed.) (2015) European Union Power and Policy-Making, London: Routledge. E-BOOK. Wallace, H., Pollack, M. A. & Young, A. R. (eds.) (2015) Policy-Making in the European Union, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Wiener, A. & Diez, T. (eds.) (2003) European Integration Theory, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

please also use the key texts for references!thank you.
PLEASE don\’t make it seen too descriptive and instead analyse the topic.

if you need any course related lecture notes or workshop slides etc.. do not hesitate to ask because this essay will effect my overall with high percentage.