How can Tor be used by government agencies in conducting investigations?

The Onion Router anonymizing browser used by criminals and the government. How can Tor be used by government agencies in conducting investigations?APA compliantStatement of the Problem 400-600 wordsLiterature Review 600 -700 wordsDiscussion of the Findings 300-400 wordsOpinion and Conclusion 200-300 wordsMust include a Title Page and References page1. The introduction /Statement the problemThe opening paragraphs that introduce the reader to what is going to be researched and background information about the problem Include When and how was it developed? How does it work? For What was it originally designed?2. Literature Review sectiona. Here resource after resource, after resource is presented to answer research questions. Fact based!! Merely present the facts of each source represented. Not presenting opinions.3. Discussion of Findingsa. Summarize the findings of the literature sources presented in Lit Review Section.4. Opinions and Conclusiona. Wrap up project. No provide opinions, based on the sources that were sourced in the Statement of the problem and Lit Review sections as it relates to the questions being researched.