How can we understand social media through one or more MIS theories (e.g. Actor Network Theory, Systems Theory, representation theory, labour process theory etc.)

To help me with this assignment you need to pick one or more IS theory (e.g. Actor Network Theory, Systems Theory, representation theory, Labour Process theory etc.) and apply it to social media. I.e. how can we understand social media through those theories? THIS IS NOT ABOUT how MIS can improve the performance of a company. This is a very theoretical piece of work.

I\’m writing my own essay in parallel but fear I may not be able to finish it on time hence I\’m seeking help. I was thinking of using the representation theory first since it fits well with social media (i.e. photos on facebook, emojis, avatars, stats – are all forms of representation; whereas mobility, displacement, de-contextualization and re-contextualization, remote control could be seen as the core pillars on the basis of which many social networks are built and function) but have seen Actor Network Theory, Systems Theory and Baudrillard\’s theories being used in this context as well (some example sources attached + links )

I\’m also thinking of exploring the link between representation theory, social media and VR technology.

Please use american spelling and Harvard referencing style. Essay should be broken down to parts or sections clearly outlining the issue being discussed. The structure should not disrupt the flow of the essay.

More instructions are attached in the MITS Aug16.pdf file