How did Dutch print/ wax fabric emerge to Ghana and it has been impacted by global influences and markets.

The focus of the research paper is to be what Clifford Geertz called a thick description of a particular cultural context and how it is being affected by and interacting with the processes of globalization that we have been studying. A thick description involves carefully describing the cultural context as a backdrop to examining their unfolding relationship with globalization. The context selected could be a particular social group that inhabits a region or a city or may comprise a sub-group within the larger social context.

The range of topics is limitless. The key is that your group focus is specific enough that you can paint a comprehensive picture of their cultural context and how that is interplaying with a specific dimension or characteristic of globalization.

The paper should be 9-11 pages in length, double-spaces, using 12 font and 1margins. MLA, APA, or Chicago Style is acceptable, as are end notes along with a complete list of references

No specifics number of sources, you can add more if needed.