How do I effectively implement cooperative learning and ensure that all group members participate in the group’s success?

Part I: IntroductionAfter selecting a topic of interest relevant to the field of education, each student will generate a 4-5 page introduction that familiarizes the reader with his/her purposed study. The following sections are required:Introduction to the TopicInclude research that helps explain/define your topic.Statement of the ProblemWhat is the problem you plan to address? What research supports the need for this study?Research Question(s) and/or HypothesisWhat do you hope to find or verify through your study?Importance of the StudyExplain why this study is important and/or needed.Part II: Literature ReviewBased on the topic selected and the problem(s) identified), the student will generate a comprehensive review of the literature. This section of the TARP should contain an historical overview of the problem, relevant theories/models, and current trends related to the problem. This is a literature review, thus, significant research is required and appropriate data/findings must be incorporated. Required sections include the following:1. Introductiona. Review the need for your study and why your topic was chosen.2. Inclusion Criteriaa. Explain how you selected the research to include and what keywords were used in your search.3. Topic Specific Headingsa. Minimum of one heading is required. Separate your research into purposeful sections to help the reader make sense of the big idea(s) or important research.4. Summarya. Summarize your research findings.For this portion of the Teacher Action Research Plan, the student will outline the methods he/she will use to conduct his/her research. To that end, the following sections are required:1. Backgrounda. Provide a summary of your research that establishes a need for your study.2. Researcha. Define research and its intended use both in and out of education.3. of the populationa. Identify who will be part of your study (i.e. teachers, students, etc…) and how they will be selected.4. Instrumentationa. Describe the tool(s) you will use to conduct your action research (i.e. survey, notes, etc…).5. Data collection & analysisUtilizing knowledge obtained throughout the course as well as feedback provided by the instructor on TARP Parts I-IV, students will finalize their individual Teacher Action Research Plan. All previously completed sections will be combined into one document file. Final submissions must be double-spaced and use 12 pt. Times New Roman. APA 6 formatting is required. References from each previously completed section will be combined and placed in alphabetical order (approximately 1-2 pages). A minimum of ten peer reviewed primary sources must be included. Sources must be current (within 15 years), although it may be necessary to use older sources if such studies continue to influence research/practice today. Page numbers should be bottom centered and a running head placed at the top of each page. An abstract must, also, be included. The finalized Teacher Action Research Plan will be a minimum of 15 pages in length and should be submitted electronically.