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Programme tittle: MA learning and teaching, level 7.Module titlle:Research method and ethic
Assignment Remit:
this assignment requires you to explore feasible techniques,practises and approaches that could be employed in relation to researching a particular area of study. you first need to formulate a pertinent research aim and then consider the central theories, arguments and posible research strategies in relation to your proposed research area. you then need to critically investigate the possible research methods, methodology, ethical considerations and possible data analysis strategies in relation to your proposed research aim. ensure that your assigment include your research aim and addresses learning outcomes 2,3,4,5.
Module learnings outcomes:
2. examine the underpinning theory that guides and supports the research process
3.Critical evaluation of research methodologies, methods, both secondary and primary.
4. Critical apraissal of ethics within research
5.Explore data analysis
Important: all the arguments have to be supported by references and make sure use refernces from journals. it will give more marks.
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