How does sexual violence affect women in Jordan?

For this paper provide a better understanding of the causes of violent behaviour against women in Jordan and provide an examination of risk factors. Examine socio-economic and behavioural characteristics of women and their male partners to identify risk factors for injury to women as a result of domestic violence. This paper must be written solely based on these 4 articles. In the paper provide in-text citations to each argument made.A few questions to consider:1- How does sexual violence affect women in Jordan?2- What are the long term effects on these women?3- Why have they suffered?4- Etc…-Format:Double spaced, standard margins, 12ft times new roman. Should be in paragraph form. The thesis statement should come at the end of the first intro paragraph. Each body paragraph should present new information, or advance the main idea with a new argument. Also include a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph–Citation and Bibliography:Use APA in text citation style in order to support your claims.