How does the theory explain and illuminate the object?

Words Paper
Pick a key reading that interests you from each of the two-week units (or one ?set? of readings if there were multiple readings discussed in a single lecture). Review your lecture and discussion section notes. In the first half of your paper, offer an accurate and detailed summary of the argument, question, or problem forwarded in the text. Moor your summary to the text with short phrases that are quoted from the text you are summarizing (no more than three), and be sure that your quotations are fully digested and explained in your prose.

In the second half of your response, relate the theory you have summarized either to a concrete situation, and expressive object, or to a technical apparatus we discussed in class. Be sure and do some research on your situation, object, or apparatus so you understand it in depth and can link its details to the theory forwarded by the reading. Consider questions like: How does the theory explain and illuminate the object? Are there aspects to the situation, object, or apparatus that seem to exceed the theory?s ability to explain it? What does this excess say about the theory? In relating the theory to an object and finding its limitations, you must give reasons explaining the exact nature of its shortcomings or limitations.
make sure you use some paraphrase and quotes.