how would you characterize the individual\’s literacy narrative

interview a relative or a community member at least a generation older than you. ask questions about their literacy in terms of reading, writing, oral storytelling and traveling experiences. what were their first reading writing, storytelling, and traveling experiences? what events shaped this literacy, who shaped this literacy. you are basically inquiring about how they came to know and experience the worldquestionsyou should formulate 15-20 detailed questions for the interview. questions may be related to their earliest memory of learning to read, storytelling and travelsignificant books or stories; events shaping their attitudes towards reading, writing, storytelling and travelingprovide the typewritten questionsANSWERS; transcribe the answers to the interviewanalysis to your interview(2 pages ) what did you gather from the interview, how would you characterize the individual\’s literacy narrative, what insight about literacy did you gain from the individual? relate interview to your own experience of pursuing higher education and your relationship with family and friends