HRM Homework Case 3 The Limited Taps Tech

This is a paper for Human Resources Management. The details of the homework case are below.
Please use Times New Roman, 12pt with 1 inch margins.
This is important, the text book is ISBN:978-1-305-50070-9 Human Resource Management, 15th Edition, Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, Meglich. There needs to be at least one reference from this book because the professor is one of the authors.The material I will be uploading will help, but the solutions manual material is from the prior edition and the professor was not a part of that writing. I hope this make sense. I hope you have the text book I listed above. An additional source you can use is ISBN 13:978-1-111-53282-6 Managing Human Resources by Snell & Bohlander 16th edition.

Homework Case 3 Chapter 13/page 522 The Limited Taps Technology to Communicate Benefits

Due November 20 by 10 p.m.; Submit on Blackboard under Assignments

Read the case in the textbook. Respond to the following questions:

1. How would you evaluate The Limiteds approach for communicating information about benefits to its employees? What might you have done differently if you were an HR professional in the company?

2. If you were to use technology to assist with communicating about benefits, how would you approach doing it? What are the potential challenges associated with your strategy?