Human Development

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Human development in psychology focuses on the life span of people and identifies aspects which change and remain the same.

In the last class presentation we discussed a few perspectives (biological, ecological and biological/ecological) within Human development. Then, we watched 20 minutes of a documentary film: \’Louder Than A Bomb\’, and were asked to link what you heard, observed, and remembered of the characters in the film, and utilize the a the ecological perspective to deepen your thoughts. This exercise is a creative way to apply the information by linking theory with action.

Please continue to develop your thoughts utilizing one of the 3 perspectives below. Write at least 3-4 sentences of developed linked thoughts.

Utilizing the Ecological perspective (Bronfenbrenner), identify and describe the environment(s) that the you as an adolescent experienced.
Psychodynamic Perspective: Projective identification. Which one of the high school students did you like or identify the most with? Please clarify your thoughts with clear detail, or a concrete example to clarify your ideas.
Take Erik Erikson\’s stages of Psychosocial Development and identify how you as an adolescents experienced one of the stages: Industry vs. Inferiority, Identity vs. Role.
Please read your notes and the textbook material as you develop your thoughts. Thank you!