Human Resource Management (CIPD)

This is an assignment as part of a CIPD diploma in Human Resource Management. It needs to include references to CIPD articles in Harvard style. The description for the assignment is:
You are the HR Officer in a retail organisation. There are 500 employees in the organisation, many of them working on a part-time basis. There have been a number of people-related issues in recent times which has meant that you have been busy with the following tasks:
Supporting an employee who was attacked by a customer
Recruiting 40 extra employees for the Christmas rush
Putting in place a new performance management programme
All has gone well, and everyone thinks that you did a really good job. Your local CIPD branch has heard about this and has asked you to write an article for their newsletter.
The title for the article is:
What is required to be an effective and efficient HR professional, and how do you ensure that you are effective and efficient?
Write this article in no more than 1500 words