Identify a research question and illustrate how you would address this question using one of the research methods so far covered in this module.

Describe what execution of this method would involve and require, what kind of data you are likely to collect and how this will be analyzed. You will also address the advantages this method or strategy offers compared to possible alternatives as well as difficulties, weaknesses and limitations. Your commentary is expected to be critical and reflective, rather than simply descriptive.

– The Following are required to be included in the report:
1) Introduction( why the research topic is interesting/ has a research problem)
2) research question ( what are we investigating)
3) 2 hypothesis (include null hypothesis)
4) sampling( what type of sampling will be used, can include graph or survey in the report)
5) Methodology
6) Analyze your data( which method you use to analyze throughout the whole report)

– word limits: 1500 words