Identify/describe/interpret your client & give a brief synopsis of the case/history.

1. use headings throughout your paper addressing your points as in the rubric.
2. Use APA citing.
3. use only the textbook that I will upload, a peer viewed journal, and the case that I will also upload.
4. I will upload the rubric so you can also guide yourself off of that. Once you have the diagnoses, you can send me a message, and I will upload the files from the diagnoses book so you can also cite it.

SWK 615 – Case Study: Assignment 1 (Assessment & Treatment Plan) (2.1.10 a, b, c, d)

1. Identify/describe/interpret your client & give a brief synopsis of the case/history Identify/describe/interpret client strengths & sources of support
2 Identify/describe/interpret any medical issues associated with the client
3 Identify/describe/interpret environmental & cultural factors that may be associated with client\’s current state
4 Identify/describe/interpret a target for intervention
5 Identify/describe/interpret at least one mode of treatment
6 Identify/describe/interpret at least one mutually agreed upon goal (hint- use target for intervention)
7 Provide a concise description of the target goal(s)
8 Identify/describe/interpret at least two objectives related to the mutually agreed upon goal
9 Identify/describe/interpret required activities to accomplish the goal (social workers
10 Identify/describe/interpret a timeline for completion of each objective.
11 Identify/describe/interpret, & interprets a plan for follow-up that includes information on how the intervention will be monitored and evaluated for success or change.

Submission requires a scholarly level of writing that includes cited research to back up assertions, especially with regard to potential treatment modalities. Scholarly writing in the School of Social Work requires the accurate use of APA 6th Edition style.

Treatment models are very important please pay special attention to this.