If violent video games cause aggression in children and adolescents, then can it be assumed that news media plays an even larger part in aggression?

If violent video games cause aggression in children and adolescents, then can it be assumed that news media plays an even larger part in aggression?Agree with this statement, but add more substance, and point out sentences:I believe violent video games can be harmful to children and adolescents. Throughout the years, many have studied the link between violent games and aggressive behavior that followed. It has been a hard point to prove in most cases. The GAM (General Aggression Model) provides some insight to this view by giving short and long term effects of exposure to media. When looking at the GAM, it can be broken down into section. First short term effects driven by a single episode cycle. in the first stage the media a child or adolescent watches or plays can drive stimulate trait aggressiveness. This can bring the subject to have increased aggressive thought. Especially if the subject has prior symptoms that could come from multiple stimuli of their environment. Things like being bullied at school, parents who show aggressive behaviors towards their child. These environmental stimuli can help violent games further press and stimulate the subjects mind and cause their own aggression to emerge. This is the second stage of the short-term effects (arousal). The final stage either becomes thoughtful aggression or impulsive aggression that becomes part of the next episode. These cycles can lead to a build up of aggression and even for the subject to eventually act out with aggression. The long-term effects can be quite different. The GAM shows that repeated exposure to violent media can actually cause the subjects beliefs to shifts and \”create re-enforced aggression related knowledge\”. This would increase the probability that the person may use the new aggressive beliefs in social situations. So if the subjects are consistently exposed to violent media such as video games, there is a chance that said aggression will come out in their daily social lives.Scholars tend to agree that environment, family and even gender can influence aggression. So children and adolescents that have certain characteristics already and are exposed to a violent media, have an even higher probability to show that aggression or delinquent behavior. So is there a chance that violent video games are harmful to the subjects? yes! But this is a highly debated field. The way i see it, children and adolescents\’ minds are still developing. This means that the immature mind can be imprinted on, making them more susceptible to changing their views based on media or violent video games. We see this in the world today, people rallying after a cause that they have no clue about because environment, peers and media told them it was wrong. so beliefs get twisted and skewed and change the subject, who then acts out said aggression in a delinquent fashion.