Illness Paper

Directions: The project will expand upon the general medical examination process discussed at the beginning of the semester. In class we practiced this process. The goal is to develop your ability to take a thorough subjective history. You will need to turn in the illness paper, reflective paper, and the original 3 interviews you performed at the due date (11/17/16). INCOMPLETE PROJECTS WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A ZERO.

Illness Paper (12 pts)
1-2 page double space maximum. Times New Roman 12.
Select any illness we have learned about or a common illness you suspect we will learn about (use your text for reference). Write a 1 page, double space max paper on the illness. Include etiology, pathophysiology, signs, and symptoms as well as treatment. This will serve as your script when being interviewed. The more you know about the presentation the easier it will be to be interviewed. In addition to your text, 2 credible sources must be used and referenced. Reference sheet in AMA format must be attached.

The text name is : Gould\’s Pathophysiology for the health professions ( fifth edition )

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