In light of this your task is to write a 3000-word magazine style article that explains how an organisation you have selected has utilised a Blue Ocean Strategy and some of the components of The Circle of Satisfaction to become successful.

Extent of the Blue Ocean focus?
You are focusing on an organisation that has used Blue Ocean Strategy and some of the components of the Circle of Satisfaction to become successful.
This does not need to be complicated and it can be from the organisations past [at some stage it has pursued a \’Blue Ocean Strategy\’ -or even a partial Blue Ocean Strategy]. To some extent it could even be argued that an organisation expanding to a new country to pursue potential neglected customers has some of the ingredients of a blue ocean strategy [just some ingredients of Blue Ocean may be fine]. It may be that only a part of your work is about the \’blue ocean\’ activities of your organisation.

Where do I find the listing of companies/products that may be considered Blue Ocean moves from Module 7 [Week 7]?

They are listed on slides on Strategy & Blue Ocean towards the end I have listed them below as well: [note: this list is by no means extensive many other organisations have employed Blue Ocean moves and of course you can pick these other organisations- it is up to you].
Cirque du Soleil, The Wiggles, Andre Rieu, Amazon, Zappos, Netflix, Kogan,T2, Just jeans, Zara, National Lifestyle Villages, The Spud Shed, Boost Juice, Model T Ford, Tata Nano, Toyota Prius, Tesla, Starbucks, Nespresso, Muzz Buzz Drive-thru coffee, McCafe, Facebook, Iinet, Atlassian, Kmart turnaround, Enjo, Southwest Airlines, Ryanair, iPod [iTunes], Uber, AirB&B, Cash Converters,Dyson, Survivor [Reality TV], CNN [News 24 ], Blackberry, Kindle, Gopro, Ikea, The Simpsons, [yellow tail] wine, Netjets, Curves, Jets 24 Hr Fitness, NABI, The Body Shop, Viagra, Nintendo Wii, Candy Crush [ you could even do Apple – although given it has been an example often used in class you may not get as many marks as picking something more original].