in requirements PLEASE READ to understand. for book:

Book is \”Evicted: Poverty and Profit in The American City\” by Matthew Desmond

MUST SEND PARAGRAPH OF TOPIC SO THAT I MAY SEND IT TO MY PROFESSOR FOR APPROVAL. sorry but it\’s impurtant because i don\’t want you to start on a topic that isn\’t approved. if needed can extend date because of this.

Find all sources from here as apparently can\’t use google. Easy to use and find the thing you need. Can Use more than 4 sources if needed

Approx. Length: 6 pages AND a Works Cited page

Use MLA documentation style and at least FIVE academic sources and our book, Evicted.

Evicted raises many sociological and psychological issues, as well as personal concerns, about eviction. Your job is to investigate some of the topics covered in this book and shape into a focused and coherent, research-based essay. Your essay should include a clear and logical thesis statement that provides a main point for your writing. Be sure to narrow your topic so that you present developed ideas and not a general overview of a topic.

Remember, do NOT rely on Google for your sources, except perhaps as a tool for brainstorming. Do acquaint yourself with Widener\’s extensive data bases. Student who simply use Google to find all their sources will not receive a high grade on this essay.

Often, Matthew Desmond cites studies in his Notes section at the end of the book; these notes reference additional sources you may find useful.

Here are some topics you may find interesting and about which you may be able to find some recent research. Please read all of these, as I have provided in some of the questions writing tips that may apply to your topic:

1.Investigate the child-rearing practices of a certain group. For example, Desmond discusses African Americans\’ tendency at certain times in history to use corporal punishment on children, and he explains the reasons. You could also investigate poverty and child rearing.

2. Write an informative essay about welfare today. You could also add an argumentative component here: Is the welfare system too strict? Not strict enough? Should we increase funding? Another possibility is to narrow to only PA or another state.

3. How does deindustrialization of the U.S. affect its citizens? This would be a cause-effect analysis.

4.Write a problem/solving essay about the lack of affordable housing in the U.S.

5. Write an argument essay about subsidized housing. In an argument essay, you need to choose a position and support your preference/opinion with facts, examples, expert testimony, analogies, and statistics. You must present a counterargument, which is the opposing viewpoint–and then you must refute the counterargument, saying why that position is inferior to yours or just plain wrong. Some controversies have more than one opposing view, but you can choose to narrow to one–as long as you explain that you are doing so and perhaps why.

6. Should the government get involved in housing in the form of rent control? Federal or state? See above for elements of argumentation.

7. Write an essay about discrimination and segregation in housing today. You can explain the issue–and/or write about ways to fix it if you think something needs fixing.

8. Investigate check cashing outlets/corner paycheck loan establishments and the poor. Should these places be shut down? Left alone? Be better regulated?

Be sure to send me a proposal (see your syllabus) regarding your topic.

Instances of Plagiarism will result in an F. Be sure you understand what constitutes plagiarism and that you check your carefully to avoid it.